Front Door FAQs

What are the doors made from?

Bold as Brass doors and frames are made from engineered solid timbers. The core is filled with a closed high density polyurethane foam for exceptional insulation and strength. The face of the front doors depends upon the style of door you choose.

Thermo Ultra Front Doors - are faced with multilayer timber to allow us to insert aluminium strips or inlays of timber or other materials. This multilayer design makes our doors extremely resistant to manual attack.

Thermo Elite Front Doors - are faced with solid timbers for a more rustic or traditional look. This is often oak panels to create a varied patern and a more natural look, giving you the best of both worlds, great look with fantastic insulation. Something that is so often lacking in traditional doors.

All Pirnar doors are made from aluminium with dense foam cores for superb insulation. All frames are multi chamber aluminium for added strength and thermal effeciency. Shield doors are typically steel and can be made to vairied levels of protection to withstand even gun shots. Solidor is our budget range offering a solid timber core wrapped in various clours of plastic and varied design to whistand all the elements. All doors and frames can be made to exact sizes.

What finishes can I have?

Virtually any timber and finish is available in the Bold as Brass front door range. From Oak with a light oak wood stain to a contemporary front door painted in a vibrant red or even metalic finishes. Choose from a vast array of wood stains and an almost unlimited choice of paint colours using the RAL or NCS colour charts.

Our Pirnar and Shield doors are offered in a huge range of styles including full RAL choices and various wood effects. Solidor is limited to the colours availible on the main Solidor website.

What if I canít find a door I like?

Our site has a large choice of designs in both the Bold as Brass and other ranges. The Bold as Brass range allows you to design your own door that we will produce in house. Simply send us a drawing, photo or sketch of your ideal front door and we will convert it into a CAD drawing, this can then also be rendered for a more realistic impression. Examples of this can be seem in our gallery and door styles.

We are also happy to discuss your design ideas for the other ranges, please call us on 0845 8720345

Alternatively you may just want to simply adapt one of our existing designs, either way give us a call and one of our team will be happy to help.

Are the doors secure?

All Bold as Brass doors come fully fitted with a PAS23/PAS24 multipoint locking system. BS standard lock cylinders and these can be key operated or handle operated depending on the door style and type. Other lock types are available and additional features such as our high quality 2D adjustable hinge fitted as standard mean your door works perfectly for years to come.

The multilayered construction of our doors means that our front doors are extremely resistant to manual attack such as impact force or prying; and unlike metal doors timber does not "bend and hold" typically seen during forced entry on metal doors. Our entrance doors also encorporate our unique cross laminated strengtheners within the door to stop warping which some competitors try to copy.

Pirnar and Shield doors are extremely secure due to their metal construction and their ultra slim multi seals that make it very difficult to pry during manual attack. Biometric fingerprint lock system is also available for ease of entry and peace of mind. Shield doors can be made so secure that even bullets can not penetrate them. Maybe not something most of us need to worry about but demonstartes the level of security we can offer.

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